We are a real alternative that offers to promote mining projects in South America, through an exclusive and specialized web platform, for the review and analysis in decision making, acting as intermediaries in the sale, and acquisition of mining prospects. We have a permanent staff of highly experienced associates and an important network of national and international mining industry contacts.

Igor Collado
Senior Geologist and Master of Business.

30 years of experience in Mining Exploration.
Head of New Business and Project Review in Chile.

Andrei Candiani
Lawyer Universidad of Chile, expert in Mining Code and International Trade.

Responsible for Legal Area and Contract Administration.

Alejandro Cerda
Mechanical Engineer, Postgraduated in Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management.

10 years experience in Development of Exploration Projects and Drilling Operations.
Responsible for GIS and Web Platform.

Michael R. Schuler
Bachelor of Science in Geology and Masters Course in Exploration Geology.

30 years of experience as an Exploration Geologist and Exploration Manager in USA, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.
Strategic Partner.


To be a real, fast and efficient option in the search for the best investment opportunities for mining projects.


To be the strategic partner and best referent for the sourcing and acquisition of successful mining projects in South America.